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High or low, different fermentation styles for different tastes!

Fermentation is an essential stage in the brewing process. It involves adding yeasts to the cooled malt. These yeasts are fed by the amino acids

Tell me what glass of beer you have and I will tell you what you’re drinking!

“What matters the jug, if drunkenness be within?” But with regard to beer, it's more a question of finding “the perfect match”. Although the principle

American journalists have tasted the Oude Gueuze

American journalists visited last Saturday in "A la Bécasse" in Brussels. They enjoyed a degustation of "young lambic" and "Old lambic" to come to our

Surprising beers…

Experimental, surprising or unexpected - beers that defy tastes The advantage of beer is that as soon as you have all the basic ingredients (malt,

Gueuze, kriek, faro…: la fermentation spontanée crée le miracle !

The Senne Valley and the Pajottenland have long been the source of a unique and intangible treasure, which goes by two names: Brettanomyces Bruxellensis and

Timmermans gives itself a new website

The Timmermans brewery, the oldest and still working, has opened its new website for all lambic fans. Timmermans, a fine example of Belgian brewing know-how