In the 16th century, celebrations were at the heart of social life, a just compensation for the harsh, precarious everyday life.

Anything was a good enough excuse to celebrate: births, the gifts of holy bread, or the harvest. Music could be heard throughout the streets and in the pubs, the true meeting places where all gossip was born.

Beer was had at all celebrations: winter games, carnivals, processions,… Numerous beers appeared, and each village was proud to have its own brewery.

In Genval, gossip spreads around the tale of Geneviève of Brabant, who was abandoned with her child in the forest before being rescued by a doe. This medieval heroin will later lend her name to traditional blondes, stouts, reds and lager beer.

The Beers from Brabant are based on these old recipes. They are homage to this exceptional heritage that was the golden age of brewers.

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