The Surgeon


Temperature:4° – 6°c

Product Description

The Surgeon pays tribute to the numerous surgeons who operated day and night at Mont-Saint-Jean Farm for more than a week after the battle of Waterloo.

This Waterloo Single Cask Malt is distilled from Waterloo Triple Blond. The Belgian barley, fermented with our special yeast, brings extraordinary spicy notes. After distillation, the spirit ages for over 3 years in oak barrels from the Highlands of Scotland. This whisky is characterised by sweet vanilla aromas blended with oak, followed by notes of spices and juniper. The long aftertaste of barley is reminiscent of Waterloo Triple.

Type: Single Cask Malt

Wash: Waterloo Triple Blond

Aromas: The smooth aromas of oak and vanilla are accompanied by hints of melon, pine and biscuits.

Mouthfeel: Sweet and spicy notes, as well as hints of cream and vanilla, will carry you away ...

Aftertaste: Persistent piny aroma. The malt (biscuit) comes back and reminds us of this whisky’s origin …

Barrel (history): Oak (Highlands Scotch Whisky)