The Nurse


Temperature:4° – 6°c

Product Description

The Nurse refers to the indispensable role played by Allied and Belgian women (often from the village) who assisted the medical corps throughout the battle at Mont Saint Jean Farm.

This Waterloo Single Cask Grain whisky is without a doubt a pleasant surprise! Using Waterloo Récolte as a basis for distillation, we have succeeded in extracting all aromas from the beer, without any loss … Pear and grass aromas accompany the sweet fragrance of vanilla as well as notes of red pepper and grain. Aficionados will appreciate the subtle notes of dark chocolate.

Type: Single Cask Grain

Wash: Waterloo Récolte

Aromas: Sweet and complex aromas of vanilla, pear and pine. Slightly smoky.

Mouthfeel: Its spiciness is counterbalanced by its smoothness and hints of vanilla, reminiscent of a light dessert (ice cream, for example). It remains complex and round, in particular thanks to the grain and pear notes.

Aftertaste: Short and dry, yet spicy and fruity (pear).

Barrel (history): Oak (Highlands Scotch Whisky)