The Brancardier


Temperature:4° – 6°c

Product Description

“Brancardiers” or stretcher-bearers were probably the most vulnerable people during the battle of Waterloo. Precursors of the ambulance, they  single-handedly carried the wounded to Mont-Saint-Jean Farm.

Waterloo Single Grain is without a doubt the ideal introduction to the world of Belgian whisky. Aromas of caramel and vanilla complement subtle spicy notes. You can even distinguish a bouquet of spring flowers. The smooth mouthfeel is characterised by a balance between vanilla sugar and spicy and woody flavours, resulting from a blend with American barrels made from white oak (Quercus alba). The finish is characterised by a long aftertaste of tea leaves.

Type: Single Grain

Wash: Waterloo Récolte

Aromas: The sweetest and spiciest of our three whiskies. This well-balanced whisky displays notes of toffee and burnt sugar.

Mouthfeel: Its spiciness is offset by the sweetness of vanilla and burnt sugar. Sandalwood gradually appears together with slightly fruity notes of mango, pear and peach. Creamy, smooth and sweet.

Aftertaste: Long and complex

Barrel (history): Oak (Highlands Scotch Whisky) + New white oak (Quercus alba)