Gordon Xplosion Tequila

2019—Gordon-Xplosion-Tequila-Can-50cl-MRwebGordon Xplosion Tequila 33cl

Type:Strong Tequilad Flavoured
Temperature:4° – 6°
Format:50 cl + 33 cl
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Product Description

To live life and in an original way a revolution became possible thanks to this new beer of the series "Gordon".We really feel it arriving in a pleasant way by a fruity nose of lime which extends from the click of opening of its can. At once we smell these typical aromas of this greenish citrus fruits while freeing gradually other combined and delicious sensations bound to this so appreciated tropical fruit."Revolución" explodes totally when tequila enters on stage a little bit as the big winner but also tolerant of a conventional continuation of more traditional ingredients excluding by no means the presence of a bitterness in final but discreet thanks to a velvety hopping. It is somewhat as if the "XPLOSION REVOLUCIÓN" unwound its delicious colored carpet with all the honours. This beer is appreciated all year round, thirst-quenching by hot weather and reinvigorating by the warm preciousness of its tastes in case the weather report would be rather fresh. It is a real happiness itself, calling up to the pleasures of the tastes, delighted that you can now enjoy it.It possesses a conclusion of which we do not grow tired, and in case of "Revolución", it is rather comforting. This is what it will make it so close to you and will leave you no more than a mouthful. This beer is made to give the sense of real life as an ode to joy. Here is the recipe which will amaze you every putsch no matter the state of mind of the palace!« VIVA LA REVOLUCIÓN! »

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XXXtra Strong Red Fruit


4° – 6°



Taste / Wise