Soft water for the whole family

Bieauvita is very pure. Unique in its kind, it is 100% natural and does not undergo any chemical treatment. It is as pure and fresh as if you were drinking it from the spring. Light and delicate, with a naturally sweet taste, it will please young and old alike.

Pure, natural water of Belgian origin

Taken from the heart of Walloon Brabant and recognized for its extraordinary purity, Bieauvita is a water that respects nature, ideal for the whole family! Low in minerals, Bieauvita is rich in trace elements and mineral salts, which makes it ideal for your family. In addition, it contains no nitrite or nitrate, a unique quality on the market!


A local, eco-friendly and responsible water

Because quality water is above all a preserved environment, Bieauvita takes care of its terroir. The production site is located in Genval, in the heart of the Brabant Ardennes.

Collected and bottled in Belgium, this water is a local product that significantly reduces CO2 emissions linked to transportation. Of course, its large format and innovative packaging also mean less waste for the planet.

At the production level, everything is thought out to reduce the ecological footprint. This is demonstrated by the use of green energy and recyclable materials, as well as the photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the bottling site in Genval.

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