A new Knight!

 After Anabel Navas and Jonathan Martin, it was Jean-Louis Rigo’s turn to be dubbed Chevalier de Droit de la Chevalerie du Fourquet (literally Knight by Entitlement of the Young Knighthood of the Mash Rake). The ceremony was held at the end of March.

The Chevalerie du Fourquet was founded in 1946 and today perpetuates the traditions and nobility of the brewing profession. True to their tradition, Belgian brewers celebrate Gambrinus, the King of Beer, every year before attending the General Meeting.

The patron saint of brewers, Saint Arnold, is venerated in September at a ceremony preceding the annual Belgian Beer Weekend, organised on the Grand Place in Brussels. During these two meetings, new Honorary Knights and Knights by Entitlement are enthroned. These “Enthronements” take place according to a ceremony specific to the Knighthood.

The Knights by Entitlement are active members who, due to their profession, birth or alliance, are closely linked to the world of brewing.

After more than 20 years of work dedicated to beer, this acknowledgement is well deserved.

Congratulations Jean-Louis!