Leave your friends spellbound with Diabolici!

news-20121008Play & Win

Whether you’re a rogue, a rascal or a ragamuffin, be a diabolical rapscallion: cast a spell on your friends on Facebook. The game is simple, funny and offers a whole heap of gifts for you and your friends.

On the website www.diabolici.be, spin the bottle and hex a friend whose name begins with the letter it points to. You’ve just cast a spell! It’s now up to your friend to pass on the spell to his or her friends, and so on and so on, to form such a diabolical chain that you’ll have loads of chances to win some demonic gifts, including numerous ancestral brews, T-shirts and gift packs. But look out: this beer will knock you sideways with its mysterious, triply malicious recipe! More details at www.diabolici.be