The GORDON RAID: 2,000 km on a quad!

In the first week of February, the GORDON RAID celebrated its 10th anniversary by carrying out a trek in Senegal covering 2,000 km in 7 days.With its desert landscapes, large dunes of fine sand and green forests in the south, Senegal is a land of discovery with, on top of it all, extremely welcoming villagers.

Just a few hours from Europe by plane, the land of Terranga (Senegalese hospitality) is a dream destination for motor sports enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys wide open spaces. There’s plenty of sand, large tracks of red earth offering smooth driving and small paths between the sea and mangrove forests. There are also hillier areas and a few places where vehicles are pushed nearly to the mechanical breaking point.

Stéphanie Martin explains: “It was an incredible experience. I saw wild animals very close up, not to mention the human experience! The welcome is extraordinary, and it’s wonderful to stop in the villages and offer clothing to the population.”

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