Gordon Xmas, the authentic beer of Christmas!


Gordon Xmas, a real winter wonder - everywhere in Belgium!

Just like Santa, Gordon Xmas is donning its traditional red garb with white snowflakes to celebrate the end-of-year season. This year once again, the Anthony Martin Group is proud to be keeping an appointment that it first set in 1924 when Gordon Xmas was the first beer brewed especially for Christmas. While Christmas beers have become a staple for beer producers, Gordon Xmas remains more than ever the pioneer of this custom. Beer lovers will not be fooled in any case - they know The Original Christmas Beer when they see it. Distributed in its characteristic red outfit with white snowflakes, Gordon Xmas is still more than just the Finest of the Christmas beers. To further embody the spirit of Christmas, Gordon Xmas is reviving its exclusive partnership, during December, with Brussels’ famous “Winter Wonders”: one of Europe’s biggest Christmas markets. The famous Christmas beer will also be in attendance at other Christmas markets, such as those in Antwerp, Ghent, Liège and Namur. A high fermentation brown beer (8.8% vol. alc.) famous for its dark ruby colour, Gordon Xmas is the authentic beer of Father Christmas. With its superb red and white necktie, Gordon Xmas will find its ideal place under the Christmas tree. All the more so in 2012, where Gordon has gone the extra mile to satisfy all the fans of the end-of-year festivities by adorning their Christmas gatherings with over 250,000 Father Christmas hats all across the country. The hat is being offered by Gordon with every purchase of a six-pack of 33cl bottles, or at the finest hospitality industry establishments. “This seasonal Christmas beer has an intense flavour and considerable body. It unfolds gently but steadily from the very first mouthful. The genuinely woody vigour combines loyally with a sweeter base without either flavour gaining the upper hand. The sweetness lingers on the palate, while the woodiness remains in the throat. The luxurious head of Gordon Xmas settles in the mouth like the white flakes on red tickling the nose.”*

Two presentations for the 33cl bottle

For 2012, Gordon Xmas is being presented in a pack of six bottles, as well as in a delightful and highly festive gift pack containing the exclusive thistle-shaped Gordon glass, evoking its Scottish origins, and four 33cl bottles. Now available from your favourite retailer.