Elckerlijc publié sur wbpstars.com

news-20140214The folks from wbpstars.com are going in search of the world’s best restaurants and judging these on a 100-point scale. You can read about their experiences on the website which provides a gourmet, globetrotting guide. There are also numerous photos and films of global culinary masterpieces. The ‘food inspectors’ from wbpstars.com managed to find their way into the Meetjesland as well.

The flavours that they discovered at Restaurant Elckerlijc resulted in a status of ‘impeccable’. Peter and his team were given 80 points, which is good enough for them to be mentioned on wbpstars.com. These specialists consider Elckerlijc to be one of the best restaurants in the world! What an honour! Peter de Clercq is the Martin’s Finest Beer Selection gastronomic partner.