From 2000 To 2009

From 2000 To 2009


Another revolution: launch of a range in cans : Gordon Finest Red and Gordon Finest Silver.


Timmermans Brewery is completely renovated. Expansion of the Timmermans range with ‘Traditional’ products.


Development of the Lifestyle (Mexicana’ 10) range and the regional range (Bières de Brabant) in parallel.


Timmermans in cans. Creation of the Douglas Celtic beers in barrels. Anthony takes over the chairmanship of the group.


Gordon Finest Platinum : XXXtra strong beer (12% vol. alc.).


Relaunch of the range : new packaging : Dominus 75cl, Gordon Finest Gold& Red in long neck bottles, Gordon Finest Platinum and Gordon Xmas in 75cl painted bottles and Martin’s Pale Ale in a ‘Blue Bottle’ sleeve. The " Finest Beer Selection " becomes the exclusive distributor of the famous Jamaican Red Stripe beer for Europe.


Timms makes its mark on the market : a range of fruit beers in 25 cl cans with a resolutely young image and an attractive look. A new cider : Celtic Cider by Douglas completes the English range.


Ever the forerunner, Anthony Martin innovates in terms of packaging (Gordon Platinum PET 50cl), in terms of flavour (Timmermans Strawberry) and in terms of sizes (Bourgogne des Flandres 1.5 and 3 litres).


The whole century of exciting ventures! En route for new and unsuspecting horizons. Every second, two " Finest Beer Selection " beers are consumed somewhere in the world.