A Family Tradition

One hundred years ago, settling in Belgium in 1909, the famous British master brewer John Martin said : «only connoisseurs can appreciate beers like mine».

For a century now, three generations of "The Finest Drinks Company” have offered a fabulous voyage into the world of truly amazing drinks. Today, every second, day and night, two of our finest beers are savoured by lovers of finest Ales somewhere in the world !

Thanks to a unique blend of English tradition, Belgian savoir-faire and a hint of daring, our special beers are treasures that we just want you to discover !

John Martin's Story





From 1909 to 1950


John Martin (born in 1886 at Newmarket, GB) sets up in Antwerp.

Launch of Schweppes Indian Tonic, Globe lemonades and importation of the first English beers.


John Martin becomes the official importer of Guinness and Bass Pale Ale.


Creation of Gordon Scotch Ale. The promising bouquet tells no lies.


Waters and lemonades are installed in Genval.


Requisition of the factories for the production of Becks.


Creation of the ‘Bulldog Pale Ale’ which was later to become the famous ‘Martin’s Pale Ale’.

From 1950 to 2000


Restoration of the ‘Château du Lac’ in Genval.


Andrew and John J. take over from their deceased father. Inauguration of new factories in Genval and in France.


John C. takes over the chairmanship of the group, joined soon after by and the resolutely dynamic and the resolutely dynamic Anthony R. and the resolutely dynamic Peter.


Beginning of the Orangina adventure and the departure of Schweppes from the range.


New strong link in the range : Gordon Finest Gold.


Launch of the "Finest Beer Selection" ® by Anthony.


The Timmermans artisan brewery (Lambics) and become the latest arrivals to the family. Launch of the Bourgogne des Flandres become the latest arrivals to the family. Launch of the Revolucion Cubana '59 and Adam’s Apple cider.


New unique range : Dominus monastery beer.


Another revolution : launch of a range in cans : Gordon Finest Red and Gordon Finest Silver.

From 2000 to 2009


Timmermans Brewery is completely renovated. Expansion of the Timmermans range with ‘Traditional’ products.


Development of the Lifestyle (Mexicana’ 10) range and the regional range (Bières de Brabant) in parallel.


Timmermans in cans. Creation of the Douglas Celtic beers in barrels. Anthony takes over the chairmanship of the group.


Gordon Finest Platinum : XXXtra strong beer (12% vol. alc.).


Relaunch of the range : new packaging : Dominus 75cl, Gordon Finest Gold& Red in long neck bottles, Gordon Finest Platinum and Gordon Xmas in 75cl painted bottles and Martin’s Pale Ale in a ‘Blue Bottle’ sleeve. The " Finest Beer Selection " becomes the exclusive distributor of the famous Jamaican Red Stripe beer for Europe.


Timms makes its mark on the market : a range of fruit beers in 25 cl cans with a resolutely young image and an attractive look. A new cider : Celtic Cider by Douglas completes the English range.


Ever the forerunner, Anthony Martin innovates in terms of packaging (Gordon Platinum PET 50cl), in terms of flavour (Timmermans Strawberry) and in terms of sizes (Bourgogne des Flandres 1.5 and 3 litres).


The whole century of exciting ventures! En route for new and unsuspecting horizons. Every second, two " Finest Beer Selection " beers are consumed somewhere in the world.

From 2009 to today


Gordon Finest Copper completes the range of Gordon Finest Beers with an authentic high-fermentation beer that is lower in alcohol (5.9% vol. alc.).


Martin’s IPA (Indian Pale Ale) goes back to its roots with its classic hops nose, in a magnificent screen-printed 75 cl bottle.

Brewed at the gates of hell, Diabolici, an artisanal and triply demonic beer, can be enjoyed from its own exclusive chalice glass.

Launch of the Baby Bottles, tasters of the Finest Beer Selection in an explosion of colour.


Gordon Finest Malta: a malted, alcohol-free drink of African origins, which is particularly nourishing, energetic and thirst-quenching. For young and old alike.

The famous Guinness Special Export, brewed in Dublin especially for John Martin, is once again available in its exclusive 65 cl bottles.

Timmermans Pumpkin combines the authenticity of the oldest lambic brewery with the eerie revelries of Halloween. An explosive and historic union.


The Timmermans Lambics of the “Oude Gueuze” and “Oude Kriek” tradition can be enjoyed in a new 37.5 cl size, with a champagne type cork. Martin’s Pale Ale, the original John Martin special beer, changes its look with a return to its original packaging, in keeping with today’s tastes. The launch of the new Gordon campaign, against the trend of the competition, with the new slogan: “Nothing To Prove”.


Entry of the traditional beers of Waterloo in the Finest Beers Selection. Diabolici dressed in the colours of the World Cup to support the supporters of the Red Devils. John Martin reinforces the association between special beers and gastronomy, in particular as a result of events in partnership with a food truck.

Mont-Saint-Jean farm becomes the Waterloo brewery. Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo: we commemorate the battle at the Mont Saint Jean farm brewery, which was used as a field hospital by the British.

Arrival of the Gordon Xplosion range. A range of strong, flavoured beers for young urban adults on the go!

Opening of the Bourgogne des Flandres brewery in Bruges, just a stone’s throw from the original brewery in the heart of the city!

Arrival of Waterloo Récolte in bottles. An unfiltered wheat-based beer brewed at Mont Saint Jean farm brewery.

Opening of a distillery unit at the MSJ farm brewery.

Launch of a new Martin’s product: Double IPA 55 in cans and casks!

Completely new look for the Timmermans range.

Launch of Waterloo Récolte Hiver.

The first joint venture between Guinness and a European brewery: Timmermans brewery. Lambic & Stout is born.

The year of the World Cup surely deserved a small change to our cans!

The Waterloo range is further expanded with the arrival of Waterloo Triple Hop, which immediately obtains a medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge.