Beer or wine?

“Beer remains a virgin territory that still needs exploring.” What is doubly

Belgian beer is indeed the best

Geert Van Lierde, a beer-loving journalist who writes for - you guessed

Successful installation of new brewery in Bruges

Successful installation of new brewery in Bruges On Wednesday, 1 July, Bruges

Anthony Martin about the India Pale Ale

Anthony Martin has plenty to say about the American IPA and the

Bourgogne des Flandres under Bruges’ belfry

It was brewed there until 1957 according to a family recipe of

Waterloo Is Not A Mournful Beer

The Waterloo brewery is certainly much older than the battle associated with

Dear Guinness, We Wish You A « Good » Centenary!

Today it seems only natural that one of the world’s best known

Faro, a very sweet Lambic!

Faro belongs to the lambic beer family and was considered the “beer

Gordon and motorsports: the clan spirit

“There is a clear consistency between the brand’s expression and the champions

The IPAs, special beers that are steeped in history!

Then there is their character, because they are brewed using a pale