Season Beers’ Great Come Back!

Is it a fad, a search for new niches in the brewing

Waterloo, the glory of 18 june

In 2015, we celebrated the bicentenary of the most famous battle of

François Duval will drive a Peugeot 208 RX Supercar in Coyote World RX of Belgium

Dumfries, Scotland (UK) — Monday 24 April: Former World Rally Championship driver

Beer Becomes Green!

Beer is essentially a healthy product, given the very natural quality of

Guinness – St Patrick’s facts

St Patrick's Facts On 17th March, more than 70 million people will

Good beer… good health!

Science is in no doubt about this: to drink beer, with the

A jewel more than a tradition

Lambic beers, or rather Timmermans’ lambics, are part of a three-hundred-year Belgian

High or low, different fermentation styles for different tastes!

Fermentation is an essential stage in the brewing process. It involves adding

Did you know that beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world!

Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world! Did you