Martin's Double IPA 55

Gordon Xmas

The rich bitter flavours perfectly match the quirky character of a real IPA. Its golden colour, thick white head and brilliant sparkle contribute to an intense feeling of delight. The citrus notes combined with hints of hops give the beer a fresh and tempting flavour. The bitterness causes an elegant but strong finish. Martin’s IPA 55 has an outspoken personality without being aggressive. Quite the contrary: the subtle bitterness can be attributed to the use of five of the best hops in the world, including Kent Golding and Extra Styrian Dana, and especially the Cascade and Citra hops added during the dry hopping process. With a bitterness of 55 IBU, this beer is a reference within the category. Martin’s IPA 55 embodies the ideal taste of an authentic and pure beer.

Température:6° – 8°