Craft Beer Program 2020

Finest craft beer
Program 2020

The Finest Craft Beer Program offers you a selection of Belgian craft beers selected for their taste, originality and the quality of the raw materials used.

A calendar has been created especially for you, to be found in our partner establishments.

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January - February

Guinness and Timmermans have brewed this fantastic blend of 3 unique beers: Guinness Special Export, Guinness West Indies Porter and Timmermans Oude Kriek.

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July - August

Bourgogne des Flandres Blonde is a blend of Blonden Os, a spicy blonde beer of 6.5% ABV, and young lambic beer from Timmermans brewery.

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March - April

Martin’s NEIPA 26 is a hazy session NEIPA (New England IPA). It owes its haziness to a well-balanced blend of rye and wheat.

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September - October

This top-fermented beer has a light amber colour and is brewed with three different types of hops.

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May - June

This beer is made by steeping sour cherries in lambic beer and ageing the beer in oak barrels for a period of 6 to 9 months.

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November - December

Created in the 1930s, Gordon Xmas is the original Christmas ale that started the tradition of Christmas brews.

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