Craft Beer Program 2019

Finest craft beer
Program 2019

The Finest Craft Beer Program offers you a selection of Belgian craft beers selected for their taste, originality and the quality of the raw materials used.

A calendar has been created especially for you, to be found in our partner establishments.

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January - February

A top-fermented craft beer, Bruinen Os is brewed in limited quantities at the Den Os brewery in Bruges.

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July - August

Spontaneous-fermentation beers have the specificity of producing acidic tones referred to as lambics.

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March - April

This slightly amber, top-fermented beer has the particularity of being brewed with three different types of hops.

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September - October

An IPA with a low alcohol content and very rich scents, strongly hopped, fruity and spicy.

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May - June

Brewed in the heart of Bruges, this blond beer recalls those wonderful beers of yesteryear.

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November - Décember

With over 250 years of history, Guinness is inseparable from Ireland, except for this version brewed exclusively for John Martin during its development on the European continent.

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