Our values

Our values

John Martin S.A is a family business operating in several countries. Our parent company is headquartered in Genval, Belgium, but we also have subsidiaries in France, Italy and Spain.

Our group is characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit. Sustainable entrepreneurship is essential to us. This involves social and environmental responsibility as well as a particular focus on the development of our employees.

Serving our consumers is central to our vision: we have a passion for excellence and aim to become and be recognised as the Finest Drinks Company.

Our philosophy is reflected in three core values:

- Men and women: We offer challenging jobs in an environment of mutual respect, trust and courtesy. Enthusiasm, passion and efficiency are the keys to our motivated team of men and women. We encourage our employees to innovate and exchange views on the company’s operational and strategic decisions.

- Quality: We continuously focus on quality. We strive to offer the highest quality in terms of our service, our own brands as well as those entrusted to us, our customer and employee support and the finishing of our products. We wish to provide the best service for the finest specialty beers and spirits on the market. Quality is our highest priority in the decision-making process.

- Our society:  : We are an integral part of the society in which we live on a local, national and international level. We pay attention to its development, values and environment, and always act responsibly and with dignity.