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The health benefits of beer: 12 reasons why you should drink it!

2 years ago

The 12 benefits of drinking beer: 1. Beer keeps your kidneys healthy A Finnish study singled out beer among other alcoholic beverages, finding that it

Tell me what glass of beer you have and I will tell you what you’re drinking!

2 years ago

“What matters the jug, if drunkenness be within?” But with regard to beer, it's more a question of finding “the perfect match”. Although the principle

Beer in 9 questions

3 years ago

To those crucial questions that have been niggling at the back of your mind and that you never dared to ask… We have the answers!

Belgian beer is indeed the best

3 years ago

Geert Van Lierde, a beer-loving journalist who writes for - you guessed it - a publication for the brewing industry - Café Revue, is adamant:

How to serve a bier ?

5 years ago

Discover through our videos, how to serve different types of beer, draft beer, bottled beer, canned beer and bottle-conditioned beer. Good service requires some techniques