Waterloo Triple Blond

Waterloo Triple Blond
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Temperature:4° – 6°
Format:33cl + 75cl + Barrel

Product Description

Genuine Belgian top-fermented beer with a rich heritage. After several weeks of fermentation, secondary fermentation in the bottle adds the subtle finishing touch to the aroma. With a bright golden yellow colour, very fine bubbles and a thick and creamy head. The first impression on the nose is fresh and yeasty.Lively and fruity aromas accompanied by delicate and refined hop notes. The bouquet is complemented by touches of green apple and lime-blossom.The initial pure flavours persist on the palate and are well balanced. With its smooth texture, Waterloo Triple Blond reveals the malt’s quality and offers a refreshing hoppy finish with pleasant bitterness.A flagrant and well-structured, characterful and full-bodied mouthfeel with a pleasant aftertaste: a perfect balance between hops and malt.