Martin’s Pale Ale

Martin's Pale Ale
Martin’s Pale Ale 18clMartin’s Pale Ale 33clMartin’s Pale Ale Glass

Alcohol: 5,8%
Colour: Amber-coloured
Fermentation: Top
Type: Pale Ale
Temperature: 6° – 8°
Format: 18cl + 33cl
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Product Description

Who isn’t familiar with Martin's Ale, once dubbed "the most noble of English pale ales” ? This unique beer is the result of the exceptional traditional technique of dry hopping as genuine Kent hops are added after the brewing process, at low temperature, so that only the finest of the hops’ aromas and flavours are transmitted to the beer. The amber sensuality of Martin's Pale Ale, its creamy foam and its hoppy flavour make it a favourite with discerning drinkers in search of a beer of character.

Enjoy The famous Pale Ale from Antwerp since 1909.

Taste-wise ...

Les malts typés de cette Pale Ale jouent leur rôle en symbiose avec un houblon aromatisé, qui donne à son ensemble cette amertume sèche si particulière que l’on perçoit dès la première gorgée. Elle donne une touche de caractère sans être trop sévère dans sa densité.

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Pale Ale


6° – 8°


18cl + 33cl + 75cl

Taste / Wise

Along with aromatic hops which give it that distinctive dry bitterness that you notice right from the first sip, the fine malts used also entail the exceptional flavour – a touch of character, but not too intense.