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Bourgogne des Flandres

The Bourgogne des Flandres beers are quintessential products of Belgian brewing. Now situated in Kartuizerinnenstraat the succession of family have, since the Van Houtryve family in 1765, been respectively in "Den Os", brewery "De Sterre/Ten Ezele" and "La Marine" brewery. 

Now, after seven generations, these exceptional beers have been included in the equally legendary Finest Beer Selection. A panel of wine waiters from the iTQi (International Taste & Quality Institute) awarded them the maximum three-star rating on the basis of five criteria: first impression, visual appearance, bouquet, taste and aftertaste. A real treat for the taste-buds, resulting from true expertise. Bourgogne des Flandres is so proud of its origins, its displays the Belfry of Bruges as you will discover it within the brew house.