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"The Finest Drinks – John Martin's Story"

Much more than simply a company history, the story of "The Finest Drinks – John Martin's Story" presents a wonderful journey through a world of astonishing beverages while providing a window into a century of development. Tracing John Martin’s arrival onto Belgian soil during the Second World War, the Golden Sixties, and recent developments in market legislation, Anthony R. Martin passionately recalls this legendary century ; the century that saw the birth of several major drinks brands such as Schweppes, Gordon, Martin’s Pale Ale, Timmermans, Guinness, Bourgogne des Flandres, and which saw the family work on many others like Looza, Orangina, Ramlosa, Gatorade, and so on. 

Illustrated with 1100 archives, this family saga, packed with details and anecdotes, is as gripping as an emotionally charged novel with its success stories, tragedies, encounters, projects and hardships. In recounting the history of his grandfather, his family and his own achievements, Anthony Martin also invites us to delve into the enthralling world of art, communication and even fashion of the past hundred years.

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