Did you know

A new collaboration beer ! Lambic and Stout !

1 month ago

A new collaboration beer ! We are proud to announce our collaboration beer.

We celebrated 25th anniversary of Bierwinkel !

7 months ago

Bierwinkel, importer and distributor of European beers, was created by Anabel Navas

Beers out to conquer the world

11 months ago

Like Ulysses, some beers have travelled a long way from the banks

« Mad » for Beer!

12 months ago

The profession of brewer may be exceedingly scientific, being an engineer at

Beer Keeps!

1 year ago

"Rather good" is the judgment of an expert taster of a bottle

Being a Brewer is a Blend of Passion… and Rigor!

1 year ago

In beer country, nothing seems more attractive than to embrace the brewing

Hops: Flower Power

1 year ago

Since the Middle Ages, hops (Humulus Lupulus) have been included as one

Season Beers’ Great Come Back!

1 year ago

Is it a fad, a search for new niches in the brewing

Waterloo, the glory of 18 june

1 year ago

In 2015, we celebrated the bicentenary of the most famous battle of

Beer Becomes Green!

2 years ago

Beer is essentially a healthy product, given the very natural quality of

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