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We celebrated 25th anniversary of Bierwinkel !

5 months ago

Bierwinkel, importer and distributor of European beers, was created by Anabel Navas of Valencia and her husband Christian Jardel. In 2002, they joined our company.

Three new awards!

7 months ago

We are proud to announce 3 new awards : Gold medal : Timmermans Oude Kriek in the category ‘Old style fruit-lambic’ Gold medal : Waterloo Récolte in the

Your is temporarily not available.

8 months ago

Your is temporarily not available. We apologize for the thirst it may create. We do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

Beers out to conquer the world

9 months ago

Like Ulysses, some beers have travelled a long way from the banks of the Euphrates, through Egypt, until reaching the Celtic and Gothic lands and

« Mad » for Beer!

10 months ago

The profession of brewer may be exceedingly scientific, being an engineer at the core, yet certain "alchemists" plunge into mild madness as they get carried

Beer Keeps!

10 months ago

"Rather good" is the judgment of an expert taster of a bottle of beer dating from 1872. Drawn in the port of Halifax (Canada), this

Being a Brewer is a Blend of Passion… and Rigor!

12 months ago

In beer country, nothing seems more attractive than to embrace the brewing profession. Yet, don’t be fooled by the increasing number of amateur-magicians, becoming a

Hops: Flower Power

1 year ago

Since the Middle Ages, hops (Humulus Lupulus) have been included as one of the 4 essential ingredients used in brewing beer, along with water, cereals

Season Beers’ Great Come Back!

1 year ago

Is it a fad, a search for new niches in the brewing market or the renewal of an ancient tradition to fulfil the needs of

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